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ray ban uk 75 off That year , the man , that landscape

Each of us has a different fate , in such a lonely and heavy gesture nap down, to find a parking place . We are in a hurry to walk and hurried away, leaving only the dialogue has always been from the scene, like a movie film scenes that will not let go again be returned , only forward , never reluctant to re- record from the past .

Originally, when you say goodbye, when you turn it , some people forget you , forget very thorough . So that when one day meet again , just pass by. This can how to do it, because we all know that if there is no parting , ray ban uk 75 off growth would be gone , so we have to forget , always waved goodbye . But no one can be free and easy to say goodbye, at least I'm not afraid that is no longer seen. Why should we be so life changing , why some people, some people will always leave, disappear. Then , there is always some new people to replace the legacy of that position , and when the couple appear when you forget the promise ever forget a friend's treasure , just remember that we had a very good , very good. Later, you know , those people now have a very good memory , but that is your clips , nothing .

We all live in the original mottled memory, and who emerge with the reflection of the final end . No one left to cherish the memory of whom we have their own life , their own way. We always leave later in someone else's life , someone will leave from our day . Whether relatives or friends , when they really have to leave one day , leaving only a string of sadness and tears .

Thought I would really miss you every day , every place you are happy to bring a person standing beside the corner, only to find ray ban uk 75 off , and you separated a long time , a long time to forget for a few days , I have separated us , forget of you take the time I have no bag.

Look, after you left, I changed little this side of heaven and earth , but I have gradually learned to let go , to understand the people 's frustration , but also learned to let go. Also understand there is a little bit of distance between us total , know that some people have gradually lost in the years of dust inside . Uttered , fights , cried, laughed , and then how reluctantly it just once .

As we walked the streets , missed the bridge ray ban uk 75 off , like Bana open lifetimes phase fault.

Once the number of memories, much emotion , deep in my heart , to re- examine , you need another angle.

Yes, we are no longer naive. When we learn to gaze with suspicion , look to explore this world, we are constantly mature ourselves in a little rain, bittersweet experience of struggle and frustration , make yourself stronger !

We will no longer young, but Starry Night ray ban uk 75 off , still need to carve time , do not always look back tomorrow, in the past, gone is gone for something after all , happiness is good , sad worth mentioning are like a flowing stream, not then return back.

Successful , would be the time to cover your glory. Failure will fade in the years to come . Even recall , but also short-lived happiness will taste , full of melancholy is just sad .

Non countercurrent time , so I learned to be strong . Again, I learned to live quietly , after the storm , quietly living ; After laughing and crying , quietly living ; After the leaves , quietly living ; After the fireworks , quiet life ; After a happy , quietly life.

Because tomorrow, we will no longer young !

That year ray ban uk 75 off , the man , that the scenery , but also became the only good memories !